I2CInit() in embedded linux on Colibri T30

I have a win ce consol app , where i have used I2C.lib to initialize the I2C using function I2CInit();, how do i achieve the same in linux on Colibri T30 ?
my windows code snippet to init the I2C using I2C library as …

#include “I2clib.h”
int s = GetI2Clock(500);

Please have a look at the following article on our developer website.

Thanks Marcel,
i am quite newbie for embed so i may be asking trivial question…
i looked into it , and still have the following questions ?
i am using colibri T30 embeded linux so i have the platform data.
As is windows , the I2CInit() ,
Enable Clock, configure GPIOs, map registers, setup I2C interrupt.
config GPIOs can be done using the platformdata in _pinmux.c , however how do i map register and setup interupt and enable clock with 100KBPS etc ?


The kernel takes care of this based e.g. on the platform data here. If you truly want to mess with I2C devices from user space you may do so using the I2C dev interface as described e.g. here.