I2C4 patch causing problem with USB

In my previous question about Enabling I2C4 (https://www.toradex.com/community/questions/56756/enabling-i2c4-i2c-6-in-apalis-11b.html?childToView=56838#answer-56838), I received a solution that helped me solve the I2C4 (/dev/i2c-6). But on applying the patch, the USB is starting to acting up. I am unable to connect usb devices and whenever i connect/disconnect I get an error. We are trying to connect a USB to Ethernet dongle, which we use for for development purposes.

I am attching the dmesg. → link text



Greetings @prem_s,

Well I guess this is what I get for spitting out a patch without testing it.

Can you confirm that you have no issues with USB when using a vanilla unmodified device tree?

Furthermore I recall you had several changes in addition to i2c like CAN changes for example. Can you enable the changes piece by piece and confirm that it’s specifically the i2c4 changes that cause the USB issues and not some other change?

In the meantime I’ll try to find some USB devices to test with on my setup with the patch I gave you previously. I might also need to check with the team internally to see if they know whether one of the changes in the patch could have caused USB issues.

I just find it strange that the i2c4 changes could have caused issues with USB.

Best Regards,

Sorry, haven’t got the time to test it yet. I’ll update you this weekend.


Just as an update from my side. I did some small testing with the patch I gave you that just had the i2c changes. I didn’t experience any of the USB issues you were describing.