I2C1 Pull Up Voltage Rail

I am using Verdin iMX8M Plus.
The schematic of Dahlia Carrier Board shows I2C1 with pull up resistors at 1.8V (page 16).
I looked through the datasheet for the electrical specifications of I2C1, and all other I2C buses as well, but I could not find it.
Is I2C1, and all other I2C buses, 3.3V tolerant, or level translation is required?


The Verdin family of SoMs supports a 1.8V I/O voltage level only unless other voltage levels stated explicitly.

I understand interfaces such as SPI, PDM, I2S, UART, etc. are also 1.8V I/O.
Can you please confirm?


Yes, SPI, PDM, I2S and UART are 1.8V .