I2C Write with Register Address

In the sample I posted, we used RegisterAddress 0x00. I have also tested with a different register address and read it back:

 I2c_SetConfigInt(i2c, L"RegisterAddr", 0x10, StoreVolatile); 

I debugged through the code to check what we actually read back. The second time you run the sample, read will return you what you actually wrote in the previous run. I tested on a ixora and read / write from the EEPROM. I can also share the project with you in order to save you some time testing the native code example.

Hi @samuel.tx
With the latest release V2.0-20170524 I can read/write I2C with register address. So this thread can be closed.

But I noted, that I can’t write data 0xFF together with a register address. I don’t need it and so it doesn’t bother me.

Thank for the help.