I2C Linux TK1

I’m trying - and failing - to get any form of I2C working on the TK1.

I’m using the Ixora carrier board with Apalis-TK1_LXDE-Image_2.7b2-20170410 deployed on the target.

When I attempt to use the i2cdetect utility to identify any devices on any of the I2C buses, the result for every slave address is always no acknowledge from address.

The T30 just worked out of the box. Is there anything special I need to do with the TK1?

I know that the Ixora carrier has an i2c RTC yet this also is not detected by the i2cdetect utility so I’m wondering whether there is a problem with the setup of the i2c and whether I’ve missed a trick.

It should work out of the box, which i2c buses are you scanning?
Look here for bus assignment.