I2C capacitive touch screen on Torizon


We are trying to know if a capacitive touch screen display could work with TorizonCore without developing any driver. The touch controller is EXC80W32 (link here).
I don’t know how to find out this info and I would like to be able to search this myself without the need of asking somebody else. Maybe someone could tell me if it’s going to work, or point me to any useful resource to learn?

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Greetings @tomas.ayi,

Clarifying question you said the touch controller is the “EXC80W32” but the datasheet you linked is for the “EXC80H60”. I’ll assume it’s the “EXC80H60” but correct me if I’m wrong.

So for the “EXC80H60” I have good news and bad news. Good news is that there is driver support for this in the mainline Linux Kernel: Input: exc3000 - add EXC80H60 and EXC80H84 support · torvalds/linux@3bdd21c · GitHub

The bad news is that the earliest this support was added was in the 5.9 kernel. Meaning it’s not readily available in our 5.4 based kernel that our BSP uses.

That being said your options are to either wait for us to move to a later kernel (no timeline on this yet), or attempt to backport this driver yourself.

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Hi Jeremias,
thank you for your answer.

I put the wrong link, the correct controller is EXC80W32. But anyways, using your approach I found out that it isn’t supported yet.


Ah unfortunate, but that’s how things go sometimes with these drivers. I assume there exists some out-of-tree linux driver for this controller but you’d need to manually integrate it into our linux tree. Which may or may not be simple depending on many factors.

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