I210 PCI to Ethernet controller not working in Apalis iMX6Q

Hi toradex,
We are connected i210 on custom board to Apalis iMX6Q SOM. We are attached kernel logs.

Kernel logs

We checked vdd0p9 and vdd1p5 are generating properly.


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Narayana Swamy M

I assume you checked them existing threads about this topic already, right?

PCI clock buffer part number is 9DB633.We have verified the reference clock but it is not coming from SOM

Hi @marcel.tx ,

Thank you so much for reply.

We have read all these threads and verified those points but not working.

We have two different custom carrier board,in one board i210 is working fine and facing problem in another board.

Working custom carrier board and non-working custom carrier board have difference in pci refrence clock,which is coming from pci clock buffer,i have attched the schematic of PCI-Clock buffer and kernel messages.


dmesg log

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Nayana Swamy M