I need to be able to add can-utils to the torizon build, outside the container. Torizon doesn't have those

If my program crashes and the container exits or if we do it manually, I need to be able to send some can commands to shut down some things. Is there a way to add can-utils to the basic torizon build after the fact?


Hey @Evets,

In order to have tools/utilities with Torizon OS, you can run them in a docker container or build them in with yocto.

Docker containers are designed to be isolated from each other and have their own individual environment. So when one docker container crashes, or exits with a non-zero value, by design it should be isolated from the other containers. You will often see the “one process per container” motto throughout forums/docs.

If an aspect of your program crashes or with failure/non-zero exit, my recommendation would be to encapsulate that process in one container and have other containers able to function as you need it.