i.MX8 vs i.MX7 power consumption

I know the technology is different, but is there a chance that the power consumption of “small” iMX8X and iMX8M modules (Colibri/Verdin) will be more or less comparable to iMX7 (0.6 - ~1.1 W)?

I need to know if iMX8* is (or will be) an option for a battery-powered device.

Otherwise I have to stay with iMX7

Could you provide more details about your use case? On a full load iMX8x based modules will definitely consume significantly more power than imx7. However if you suspend all unnecessary cores like GPU, DSP etc and use case will look like resume-do_some_operations-suspend power consumption could be comparable with iMX7 module. A Verdin module should consume less power since it use mostly 1.8V peripherals and battery powered devices was considered in Verdin’s design.

My use case needs the M4 core to run FreeRTOS (or Keil RTX5) and to execute real time tasks.

Cortex-A core is needed to run the GUI (almost certainly a QtQuick/QML application which would benefit from 2D HW aceleration).
Wireless connectivity is necessary (wifi/bluetooth) and so I need to add it to iMX7 module.

From the technical point of view, performance of iMX7 seems ok.

If Colibri iMX7 performance is OK for you I can’t see a reason to switch to more expensive modules.