i.MX8 HDMI Intermittent

The HDMI is constantly cutting out and back causing flicker. Tested with a Dell monitor as well as Eyoyo, both monitors work without any issues using the Toradex i.MX6 module.

Hi @sebastien,

We have also seen some issues with the Apalis iMX8 HDMI output. We still investigate the issue. However, we have to keep in mind that the current modules are equipped with alpha silicon i.MX 8. Unfortunately, this is all I can tell you at the moment.

While @peter.tx and @max.tx are looking into the issue. For a demo we did try several monitor and many worked without the issue. As an example the Dell S2240Tb worked well.
Alternative we also have now a very limited number on 10" LVDS display which may could be used.

One thing we noticed was the issue clears up once the processor gets hotter, for example when the fan is disconnected.

Thanks for the input.
Here more monitors:
Asus VE248H - had issues
Dell: U2415b - worked without issues

If you can run the demo without a fan would be nice, we expect that most customer will not require a fan and use a passive thermal solution. However, in the current version HW/SW are not optimized yet, so a fan makes development easier.

I have seen a similar phenomenon on the DVI output. It’s very intermittent and non-repeatable. It goes away over time too. Not sure how helpful this is, but it’s what we’ve seen.

Thanks for the input. Which Monitor were you using?

Dell P2317H, about two years old.

ok, Thanks for the answer. We are currently looking into this issue.