i.MX7D SOM SPI Port Pin Discrepancy


We have a Colibri i.MX7D module attached to a custom carrier board that we designed. I’m in the process of modifying the device tree to setup two SPI ports for access from user space in our embedded Linux operating system.

There appears to be a discrepancy between what the Toradex pin designer says are the SPI ports we are assigning and what the colibri_arm_som_imx7_datasheet.pdf says they are.

I’ve attached a document that shows the differences in the SPI port names for the same GPIO pins so that you can see what I’m talking about.

I believe that the colibri_arm_som_imx7_datasheet.pdf is correct as the names used for the SPI ports in this document match the names of the SPI ports in the device tree files, but I want to make sure so that we know that we are using the right ports, and so that we can update the schematic for our carrier board.

Does the colibri_arm_som_imx7_datasheet.pdf document have the correct names?

Thank You.

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Yes, you are right, the datasheet is correct. ECSPI instance 2 is available on SODIMM 55/63/194/196, and ECSPI instance 3 is available on SODIMM 86/88/90/92.

Thanks stefan.tx. :).

This is not a discrepancy, it is intentionally. With the Pinout Designer, we had to introduce additionally to the interface names (and numbering) the SoC vendor is using the Toradex Interface Names. We need to use generic names and instance numbering that is Independent of the SoC convention in order to be able to compare compatibility between different Colibri modules.

For example, the SPI interface that is located on the pins 88, 86, 90, and 92 is our standard SPI interface which is available on all our Colibri modules. In order allow the tool to detect the interface as compatible and to make sure customers are first using this instance, we call the interface SPI_1. In order to provide the maximum compatibility with other Colibri modules, we had to use the ecspi3 instance of the i.MX 7 SoC on these pins. That explains the discrepancy between the SPI_1 and ecspi3 numbering.

You always see both interface names, the “Toradex Interface Name” and the “SoC Name”, in the Pinout designer. In the print screen you attached, you have to scroll the screen to the right side. We also tried to explain the different instance names in section 1.3.2 of the user manual which can be opened under Help->User Guide (pdf).

Awesome! Thank you for clarifying this peter.tx. I understand what you are saying and I also see what you are talking about with the Pinout Designer. I’m not the engineer that originally designed our schematic so the name differences were causing confusion, but I understand now.

Thanks Again. :).