I can not downgrade image 1.4 on Colibri T20

I have flashed my module with an image V1.4 using NVFlash / recovery mode as described here. I want to downgrade the module to V1.3. After downgrading the image using the Update Tool the module does not boot any longer.

You can either use recovery mode / nvflash or the Update Tool 6.0.1 or later to downgrade to an image before V1.4.

Using Update Tool

To downgrade use Update Tool 6.0.1 or later as well as use some new config files.

First download all you need:

Then setup a USB memory stick as following:

  • Extract all files of the image to the mass storage device
  • Extract the config files to the same location you extracted the image before
  • Add the Update Tool and the dlls to the device as well (For CE 6 and CE 7 use folder CE6_CE7, for WEC2013 use folder CE8).

Boot your device and insert the mass storage device. Open a command line and run the following command:

updatetool.exe /u \USB HD\Images\Tegra_WinCE_Image_1.3\ce7.cfg /nandecc rs4

Where as you have to adjust the folder of the image as well the *.cfg file depending on which CE version you want to flash.

The important thing is actually the parameter /nandecc rs4.

Using NVFlash / Recovery Mode

You find some details here: http://developer.toradex.com/knowledge-base/txx-recovery-mode