I anybody able to build and run wxWidgets applications on latest BSP?

Just curious if anybody has gotten anything for wxWidgets to compile and run on the new imx8m-plus?

Hi @seasoned_geek,

I’ve not tried it myself. Have you actually tried and had an issue?


You can’t even install the required support libraries due to the X11 shenanigans.

It might be buildable under a raw Bullseye.

I gave up and moved to another product.

Do you have a specific Yocto config to exhibit this issue? I was able to build the wxwidgets recipe by explicitly setting PACKAGECONFIG to “qt”.


I was not in yocto. In container. More specifically, nothing GUI related can be built in Wayland container. If you want to use a tried and true library, you simply cannot install the build dependencies.

Thank you for your assistance Drew, but we’ve moved on. There is no point to digging into this further.