I am unable to connect to the Internet due to MAC address

I followed the steps mentioned in finding the MAC address using the serial number below the Bar code (on the box procured)

The serial number is 01151100 00001031 2018-09-21

I have tried setting the MAC address as 00:14:2D:11:90:7C but not able to connect to Internet
Then I changed the MAC address as 00:14:2D:00:04:07 and still it does not connect to Internet

Kindly request your support, thank you in advance

Thanks and Regards,
Amar V


Please, Please what versions of HW and SW are you talking about?

Note that 01151100 00001031 is the product and serial number of the evaluation board.
The MAC address we reserve for the SoM is formed from the SoM’s serial number.

However, it is very unlikely that 00:14:2D:11:90:7C or 00:14:2D:00:04:07 are not unique in your network setup. I guess your issues with connectivity is caused by something else.

Could you elaborate some more what you want to do and what does not work exactly. Also could you add a file with the output of the linux command dmesg and ip link show eth0


Thank you so much for the quick feedback. My organisation network team was successful in finding the MAC and able to start with the first steps

Thanks and Regards,
Amar V