Huawei USB Modem and Connman

Hi @stefan_e.tx ,

Thanks for all of the suggestions.

CONFIG_USB_NET_HUAWEI_CDC_NCM and CONFIG_USB_NET_CDC_MBIM were not enabled in my build.
I enabled both and re-flashed the kernel and modules.

I see no change. PPP still works; however, Ofono’s test scripts do not find the modem.


Hi @mikec

Unfortunately our team runs out of ideas. If you really need to use this modem with ofono, I have to redirect you to one of our partners who could do a proper integration.

I’m sorry we can’t solve your problem.


hi @mikec

Is your issue solved? If yes, can you share the solution please? If not, then you might have a look here.

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Hi @jaski.tx, we never did get the issue resolved, and in the end we switched to a different modem manufacturer and used ppp dialing. Thanks for the link to the other post. Will have a look to see if that fits our needs.


Ok, we will be happy to get your feedback.

Hello everyone,

I installed gammu on centos7, and usb_modeswitch. the sendsms It works but now it does not work, 12d1: 1f01 change to 12d1: 14db , I can’t detect the Huawei E353/E3131 key as a modem . please help

Hi @Ayoub

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Could you ask a new Question and provide all the information (version of hardware and software= about your Toradex module?

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Hi @jaski.tx
Thanks a lot for your reply.
I work with Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. E353 / e3131, OS: centos7 server.

Which Toradex module are you using?