HTTPS compatible HTTPD server

We have an HTTPD based web server running on a Colibri iMX6 and WEC7. Now our requirement is to enable HTTPS based clients to communicate with the WEC7 based HTTPD server.

We need a solution to that which will take the shortest time to generate the security certificate for each Colibri WEC7 unit.

You can enable SSL on the Windows CE web server as described here:

You can add certificates using control panel:

  • launch control panel
  • select “certificates”
  • select the “My certificates” store

link textWe tried your solution and added the certificate both on the PC Web Browser and the WEC7 HTTPD Server. Also, modified the registry settings. But HTTPS is still not working. We can still browse the web application via http protocol.

Somewhere on the internet, I found that the OS needs to be rebuild after adding the certification. Is it so? Or we can just recompile the httpd server file?

Please let me know as soon as possible as we are stuck for release.

You will have to set the right flags, as described here:

To enable specific parts of the site for SSL only navigation.

I tried many combinations of the flags and failed a SSL web access. The following document says that the HTTPD server has to be recompiled with the new certificate.

Is it still true for WEC7 as the document shows CE 6.0?

The document does not say that.
“If you have used a non-headless design template, such as an Enterprise Web Pad, on your target device go to Control Panel, and choose Certificates.”
Rebuild of the image is required if you don’t have a way to import certificates on your device.
You should be able to do that with our standard image.

SSL is working now and I can access the web app using https://

Thanks valter.tx for your support!