How to write a file on /boot partition using a recipe?

I would like to write a file on /boot/ to control the bootstrapping via tftp (do it once unless the file hasn’t been deleted).
Using a recipe tells me that it cannot create the directory and the file:

do_install() {

    echo 1 > ${D}/boot/bootstrap-finished
    install -d ${D}/boot/

FILES_${PN} += "/boot"

| nux-gnueabi/bootstrap-finish/2.0.0-r0/image/boot/bootstrap-finished>: 
| Directory nonexistent

kind regards

Probably solved:

  1. Do the install of the boot dir first
  2. Add a do_deploy {install -d ${DEPLOYDIR}}

Adding do_deploy should not be necessary if you want that file just in your image root directory.