How to use Yocto minimal reference build and debug with VSCode

I have built the Reference minimal build of Yocto, and debug using it. I can bring up a working version of my code, but apparently, there is no daemon listening in this build on port 5001? VSCode, can’t seem to connect to it.
Additionally, I want to add a second SPI like I did in an earlier Torizon build, so I need to change the default pinout. I already have a working build there, but I wanted to check performance with a Yocto build. How do I accomplish this? I have searched for Yocto and pinout changes, but I haven’t found anything.
Debugging seems to not work either as it can’t seem to connect when I bring up VSCode because it can’t seem to connect to the dev board. Does the reference build not have the port listener?

The final thing is that when I try to build, it gets to the linking and says it can’t find the file.


Our VSCode extension is only for use with a TorizonCore OS, if you are using a custom Yocto build this doesn’t work. IDE use and configuration is the responsibility of the user for a custom Yocto OS.

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