How to use updated GPIO library for VF61

This knowledge-base explains how to use GPIO library to generate a 0.5 Hz pulse on a pin.
I downloaded the library for VF61 module from here, and I see the recommendation to use the new updated library for VFxx.
I think that the source code of the KB example refers to the old library, because I see the following functions:

  • InitGPIOLib()
  • SetPinAltFn()

  • but in the updated library I find
  • Gpio_Init()
  • Gpio_SetDir()

Could you confirm this?
Could you update the KB demo example to use the new library for VFxx?

Hi vix,
You are right, the article about the GPIO pulse was written using the older library API which works on PXA and Tegra modules. We are aware of the fact, that some articles only talk about the old library API and therefore will update the knowledge base with new articles about the newer API for Vybrid, iMX6 and other future modules soon.
I cannot promise any date on which we will update the article you are referring to, but I will forward your request so we could prioritize this article.