How to use IEEE1588 on Apalis TK1

I would like to know how to implement IEEE 1588 on the Apalis TK1.

Apalis TK1 with our bsp 2.6.1 is already capable of using precision time protocol. We’re using intel i210 as an ethernet controller, it supports hw timestamping. Our BSP includes ptpd2. if you need linuxptp instead you’ll need to build custom image (more information on building custom BSPs here ). More info on using ptpd2 here

I see on the datasheet for the i210 that some of the (section talks about using SDP pins to create a sync signal based on 1588. Is there any connection from these pins to the one of the SOM pins so we can use this for synchronous timing of our hardware

No, the first 3 SDP pins are no connects while the last one goes to the TK1’s PEX_L1_CLKREQ_N pin.