How to use customized fstab in Colibri imx6ull

I want to change fstab in Yocto recipe.
Please tell me the procedure. Or provide a sample recipe.

Hi @max.tx @jaski.tx , do you know where do we have the base-files recipe of the fstab file in our BSP 5 for Colibri iMX6ULL?

I was following this answer:

I couldn’t find it in our repo.

base-files recipe does not include fstab.
So I need to add and modify the rootfs image in the image recipe.
I understood this.

As a test, I created base-files_%.bbappend.
(Refer to the URL for the contents)
After Bitbake, the fstab of the following packages was updated.


Dear @C.T, the fstab file is found here:

You should be able to edit this file in your Yocto environment.

Kind regards,