How to use Colibri bus on X3 connector from iMX7 M4 core running freeRTOS

The Pin Designer has the X3 connector bus defined, but no apparent iMX7_Function pins assigned. Is this really an extension of the internal iMX7 address/bus or something user defined?

I’m looking for a group of pins that are treated as a single register I can write to, such as the 16-bit data bus on X3.

If not, how do I group gpio together to be written as a single 8 or 16-bit register. Is there a double-buffering approach or grouping mechanism?

Dear @bobpbbd104

I’m afrad I don’t know which connector you are referring to; the Colibri iMX7 does not feature any connector called X3.
For grouping IOs you can either use the i.MX7’s EIM bus, or you choose a group of GPIOs which are located in the same register - all GPIOs are arranged in groups of 32, having a common register for these 32 GPIOs.

Regards, Andy

Thanks Andy,

I’m referring to the Colibri evaluation board, X3 on page 22 of the version 3.2 board. Not sure how to use this bus with imx7 module

Please check chapter 5.8 External Memory Bus of Colibri iMX7 datasheet.