How to use any font in a Torizon application

We are trying to use any font in our Torizon application. Some of the fonts are Japanese.
We want to know how to embed fonts and how to use them.
Also, please let me know if there are any restrictions on the fonts that can be used with Torizon. For example, TrueType fonts can be used.

Thank you.

I suspect this is going to be dependent on what container OS you are based off of. Our Debian reference containers have essentially a full Debian environment so you should be able to install fonts that are available for Debian using apt.


Thank you Drew-san.

I understand.
We will try install font-packages or write a Dockerfile that copies fonts to a given location.
Probably /usr/share/fonts.

We are trying to use fonts that is not in apt-package.

Thank you.

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