How to test the emmc(uSDHC2) driver in Windows Embedded Compact2013?

Dear All,

I integrate the EMMC Driver(USDHC2) by using WinCE2013 with Visual Studio 2015 in IMX6ULEVK

I want to test the EMMC Driver(USDHC2)

I want to know CETK(Embedded Compact Testing Kit) support is there or not for test the EMMC Driver(USDHC2)

Please, provide the user guide for test the EMMC Driver(USDHC2)



Dear VinothS,
We don’t provide support any WEC version on our Colibri iMX6ULL, we also don’t work with the IMX6ULEVK or similar devices. So we cannot help you with your question. If you are interested in lower performance devices running WEC, please have a look at our Colibri VF50 or VF61 modules which both come with WEC7 and WEC2013 support.