How to switch lvds output between odd and even data

My LVDS is split-mode.
Its display screen seems to have changed even and odd.
So I want to switch lvds odd and even data,
Is this possible in device tree?

Part of the screen.



No, that is not possible.
LVDS Channel 0 displays the first pixel, LVDS Channel 1 displays the second pixel.

You can of course change the wiring, i.e. swap the connections for LVDS Channel 0 with those of LVDS Channel 1.


Yes, thank you.

Do you think even and odd have changed?

Or, do I need to check something else?

I think you simply mis-wired the LVDS channels.

Note that you can number the pixels ‘0, 1, 2 …’ or ‘1, 2, 3 …’ which makes odd and even not very clear. So you really have to read the involved datasheet to know.