How to support wl18xx wifi adapter on apalis iMX6?

I am trying to integrate a wifi adapter TI - WL1835, and am wondering if there is any built in support for this with the OS, as I am not getting it to work so far. I see in the package list, that there exists linux-firmware-wl18xx which I thought would help me, but it turns out this is just the firmware for the device and not the modules. Also I have started down the path of building the kernel modules and am having issues as I am building on the target. Any guidance on on how to proceed? Below is the dmesg output when I connect device.

<4>[353596.277861] sdhci-esdhc-imx 2190000.usdhc: card claims to support voltages below defined range
<4>[353596.304984] mmc1: queuing unknown CIS tuple 0x91 (3 bytes)
<6>[353596.312721] mmc1: new high speed SDIO card at address 0001


Native compilation is not recommended nor tested as noted here. Using

make menuconfig

the driver can be enabled by selecting “Device Drivers → Network device support → Wireless LAN → TI Wireless LAN support → TI wl18xx support”. Also see here. Information on building kernel from source can be found here.