How to start (activate) RTOS on the Cortex M4 for a Colibri VF61 from WinCE6 or 7?

Is it possible to start RTOS on M4 core from WinCE6/7 (installed on A5 core)? I’ve read that VS2008 support multi core through OpenMP. On my PC I can simulate some examples, but for Colibri board with Win CE7 I can not set enviroment for OpenMP. I don’t know if is possible with OpenMP to start and control multitasking system on another core. I want to use WinCE only for visualisation and for data save and all process control with RTOS. Or, is better to use Linux for it? RTOS need also memoy space and actually must first start after reset, before operating system.


Currently WinCE on Vybrid does not support M4 core. So the only way to use it is using Linux.

Is there any news from this side (i.e. support for M4 core by WinCE on Vybrid)?
Has it been already developed?
Is there a roadmap?
I’d be really interested on this support because I’m quite worried about using Linux (bad past experiences)…

Yes, we have an update. We are working on supporting FreeRTOS from WinCE. We do this through a library which then communicates through rpmsg with FreeRTOS. We planned to release the library still this year. You can find the item in our library roadmap:

Great news!
Thank you