How to solve this exception "Can't find PInvoke DLL 'GPIOLib.dll'."

There is no problem in GPIOLib.dll because in other application it is working properly. but in the Interrupt Library, it giving following exception. kindly help me to solve this problem

System.MissingMethodException was unhandled

Message=“Can’t find PInvoke DLL ‘GPIOLib.dll’.”
at InterruptHandler.Form1…ctor()
at InterruptHandler.Program.Main()

Are you sure, the GPIOLib.dll is in the same folder as the tool you want?

The dll (and other DLLs it may require) should be in the same folder as your application or in the \FlashDisk\System folder.
What module and OS/Image version are you using?

You are using VF modules and this means you must use new libraries.

As stated in legacy support we do not do any more development for old libs on VF modules.

link text

this is the board that i am using …

ok…thanks for your help…i m going to use this library suggested by you…hopefully it will work

i have used various GPIOLib.DLL file…but stil facing same exception

From your code I can see that you are not using correct library’s. Inside the zip file → “” you have file called Toradex_CE_Libraries.chm that you can use for help. It explains how to use new libraries. There is also wrapper for .NET inside folder dotNet.

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