How to signal Linux at CTRL_PWR_BTN_MICO pin short pulses to initiate soft shut down?


We use Verdin iMX8M-Plus for one of our products with Toradex BSP 5.7 and custom build Linux.

In the datasheet of the module it is written for CTRL_PWR_BTN_MICO pin that:

Long pulling down is shutting down the module. Short pulling
down is turning on module from off state. Open-drain input with
100k pull-up resistor to the 1.8V SNVS rail is on the module. It
can be left floating on the carrier board

Which was all good for us. But now what we want is that when the module is turned on already, if there is a short pulse on that pin, I want to capture it in my Linux App and initiate shutdown process from my app. The shutdown process currently is triggered by systemd-shutdown which kills my application.

I couldn’t find any reference to that pin neither in Linux Device Tree nor kernel source. How does it work and how can I manipulate the behaviour of it?


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Here we have some documentation about how our power buttons work:

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Do you have any updates about this topic?

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