How to show splash screen instead show booting output

Hi @daniel_m.tx , thanks for your response.

Yes. I’m still facing the issue with the linux splash screen with st7789v display.

At the moment I’m using the kernel 4.9, the only kernel with I’m able to use the display. But JUST with driver AS MODULE, NOT DIRECTLY compiled into the kernel.

I can’t see any penguin on display. JUST some print of kernel boot after some seconds (7s, more or less). So, I suppose that I start to see something AFTER that the display driver module was loaded. Probably this is why I don’t see the two penguins, I don’t know if this is the same problem also for splash screen: linux tries to load the splash screen BEFORE the display driver module is loaded…

What you wrote about the smaller resolution is totally new for me, I never see that in your web documentation, is this a new edit? In any case, with another display, on another board, with the same SOM and the same kernel, I can use the correct display resolution (not reduced), and it works.

In any case the dimensions of my display is 320x240, so, what do you suggest for smaller resolution? 291x211? Because, on the same page of your documentation you create an image of the SAME resolution of the screen, NOT reduced. I can try, but I don’t think that this is the problem…

I already create a new ticket about this problem, in particular about the problem to compile this display driver directly in the kernel:

I wrote also in this ticket because it seems that @emmaperea was able to setup the display and the splash, and I asked him some support about (in particular the kernel version and the device tree that he is using).