How to show splash screen instead show booting output

Hi @emmaperea ! Thank you very much for your response!

Sorry for my late, but I tried some more tests in order to understand something more about this damned display… (you can see my tests in this ticket: St7789v tft display bring up on colibri imx7d )

Unfortunately at the moment I was able to see something on display (some print from kernel boot) only with driver loaded as a module, with kernel 4.9, for the moment. So, my first question to you is:

Do you use the driver as module or directly integrated into the kernel? And what is your kernel version?

Then, with the driver loaded as module, I tried to add my custom logo (but also standard linux logo, both colored or mono) to the kernel boot but I’m not able to see nothing, just some prints from boot.

I checked my .config and I already have CONFIG_FONT_8x8 and CONFIG_FONT_8x16 set to y.

Can you please be so kind to share your image logo? Just to test if the problem is my image?

Or there’s a way to test the image from cli using something similar that linux uses at boot?

I tried with: “cat linux_custom_clut224.ppm > /dev/fb0” but I only see some garbage on the display…

Any response from you would be really appreciated!

Thanks a lot!