How to save wifi settings EC7


I am using VF61 with EC7 and trying to save wifi parameters and autoconnect after power off/cold boot. Is there any way to do it? Now I have connect ssid and retype password everytime to that netrtwlanu1 gui to get connection on.

When executing wifi connection I noticed that wlan profile is saved to folder:
So there is .xml file which contains ssid name,encryption key. I try to save that path to Flashdisk\Autocopy folder that every time os is started it will copy that profile xml file to windows folder but it wont work.

Wifi drivers are from LM006 USB WiFi cab installer. Is there any way to open the connection from cmd?

There is currently an issue with the masterkey. So stored wifi information can not be loaded again. Actually, there would be no need to restore the xml information, all the WIFI settings should be stored persistently once you logged in. We are currently working on that and will add an item on the roadmap as soon as we will have some more background knowledge about that issue.