How to run two Application on Tow Display(HDMI and LVDS)?

Hello All,
We are using Toradex Apalis and Ixora Carrier Board, and installed tdx-reference-multimedia-image.

We need to display the qt applications on every Display seperately.
we connected HDMI Monitor to Hdmi port and connected 10 inch Display to LVDS ports and getting Xwayland display.

Connected HDMI Monitor to Hdmi port and LVDS 10 inch Display to Lvds port ixora Daughter board!!
and then exported Display variable to select display

export DISPLAY=:0.0
executed Qt Appplication

Qt Application works on the LVDS0 Display.

After that changed display variable to switch the display
export DISPLAY=:0.1
executed Qt Application

But unfortunately it is not working and again the application display on LVDS Display Instead Hdmi Monitor.

We need to run separate Qt application on each display, But we couldn’t able to select the display separately. could you please help on this ?

Thank you,

Hello @hhami ,
Could you please share with us the exact name and version of the SoM’s and carrier boards that you are using, as well as the version of the reference image?

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