How to run MyApplication.exe as a service in WinCE 7


I want to run myapplication.exe as service in WinCE 7 so that my application will automatically start after boot up .But i’m not getting a proper solution to this.Can someone tell me the secret sauce to do this?

Shantanu K. Pradhan

No secret sauce, just Toradex ketchup: The easiest way is to use our autorun feature.

Ha ha Ketchup!!! …Thanks Roman,

can you suggest some other solution,if i’m not using autorun feature but some WinCE registry setting and all??

Shantanu K. Pradhan

You can also add Launch* and Depends* keys under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Init as described here:
(information is for CE 5.0, but the mechanism hasn’t been changed in the new releases)

Hi Valter,
i tried what you said by using vs 2008 remote registry editor ,but it seems the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Init in Registry editor is non persistent …

We usually use RAM based registry, this means the registry is only saved in RAM and you have to “manually” save it to flash. Please read our Save Registry article in our knowledge-base for more details.