How to return from Linux Image 2.7b5 back to 2.7b3


I get the recipes for my images with the following command:

repo init -u Index of /toradex-bsp-platform.git -b LinuxImageV2.7
My current problem is, while the development on the bsps continues at your site, my kernel patches for e.g. display drivers erode. Source code changes made within 2.7b3 (lvds driver,…) cannot be merged into 2.7b5.
I know that patches should be committed back to git. But these patches come from a commercial supplier. To get things right again I would like to return to 2.7b3 temporarily.

How can I init my repo with 2.7b3?

Kind regards

Please have a look at the following question which already answer this.

Thank you very much for your fast response.
And sorry for my trivial question :expressionless: