How to resize "Toradex Task Manager" window

I downloaded Toradex Task Manager 1.9 for Colibri VF61.

I can launch it, but on my device I have a small LCD display (480 x 272) and the window doesn’t fit into the available area.

I can’t find a way to resize the window of Toradex Task Manager.

I would expect to have to possibility to put it to full screen mode, with vertical and/or horizontal scrollbars (if needed).

Is it possibile?

Dear @vix

I’m afraid this tool was written with a fixed layout. There is no option to resize it or add scrollbars.

Regards, Andy

Hi @andy.tx

could you consider this as a product suggestion?

Hi @vix
I have added this as a feature request, we will discuss it on our next developer meeting.
I treat the chances low that we will do it, because recently we only had rather few customers using low-res displays. Therefore we probably will put our resources into more commonly requested features.

Regards, Andy


Another idea could be to make a “TaskManagerLib”.
Then customers could make there own task manager. Maybe even incooperate some if the nice infos into there own application ?