How to Reconnecting Shared Folder in a Network to windows PC from wince device?

Here i have given the scenario and the issue i have faced.


1.Created a shared folder in Windows7 PC.
2.Connected Wince device in the network.(both wince device and win7 are in same network).
3.Logon to win7 pc using our dotnet application.
4.Then transferred files from wince device to Windows 7 PC.

The above scenario working well until disconnection occurred in the network.
Once the connection b/w wince device and windows7 pc lost, obviously the communication will not occur.

But, the file transfer is failed even after doing the following.

  1. After reconnection of network, the file transfer is unable to resume.
  2. Restarted the dotnet application in wince device and newly logged on with windows 7.
  3. But still it doesn’t work until we restart the power of wince device(Switch off the power and again switched ON ).

Any suggestions will be appreciated. its urgent requirement

Please let us know which Colibri module you are using and which BSP version. Thank.