How to read the iMX6DL MUX registers

Dear colleagues,

I have to change the devicetree to enable all 5 UARTS and add a few dozen of GPIO pins.
However the resulting functionality isn’t correct and I ended in the trial and error method.
Is there a way to check the pin mux register values without the use of the graphical GPIO Tool? (I had to disable the LCD functionality because I needed the GPIO signals)
Thanks in advance

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Jerry Balsink

hi @JBA

Could you provide the Bsp version of your module? Which carrier Board are you using?
For checking the mux register values you can use the commanddevmem2. Please consult the Reference Manual to get the addresses of the corresponding mux registers.

Best regards, Jaski

Dear Jaski,
Thanks for your response.
I didn’t know the existence of the memdev2 tool. I’m going to use it.
For your interest:
We build our own kernel with YOCTO based on a BSP from Toradex.
We stripped some functionality and added Mono.
Our Colibri is placed on our own carrier board, needed for our RTU’s.
We are using a colibri evalution board as well as the Iris board
Kind regards

You are welcome. Thanks for the Information.