How to make USB-C port of Tegra work in Linux in T20


I need to get the USB-C port of Tegra2 working after the Linux boots.

The USB-C port of Tegra2 in Colibri T20 is used for downloading boot image. After the Linux boots, this port does not work. It should recognise a pendrive. How do I do that.

Thanks in advance.

Assuming by USB-C you are talking about the USB OTG aka shared USB device/host port that one should actually be working just fine. To use it as a host port on e.g. the Colibri Evaluation board or Iris one requires a proper OTG cable with a micro-USB plug on one side and a USB-A socket on the other side plus it needs to properly pull the ID pin to ground. More information about the USB functionality on our embedded Linux BSPs can be found here.