How to know the gpio numbers

Here I am using the colibri evalution board 3.1 verssion with IMX7.
I am trying to read the switches present on the board from my application.
Here I am not understanding the gpio numbers(SODIMM_number) for that switches.
how can I know the gpio numbers for those switches.
here I am attaching the pic of the connector switch.
I was already tested the gpio pin setting as out put pin(pin number 142) and write the data into that perticular pin…
for these switches only i can not understand the gpio number.

As I understand EVB schematics, these switches and LEDs are just populated on EVB for your convenience and you may wire them from X21 to somewhere. Datasheet is not very clear about this: LED / Switches (X21)
These signals are available on connector X21. They can be directly connected to the GPIO breakout
connectors or to additional custom specific hardware.

Hi @TRINU, Hi @Edward ,

Edward got this right. I must say, the manual could be a bit more specific about this.

So it’s the header X21, where all switches and LED’s are connected to. You have now the choice to take whatever GPIO fits your needs and then you can wire them together.

If you have further questions, feel free to reach out.

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@TRINU Please take a look at my response to a question with a similar problem:

Thanks for your help.
My problem was solved.


Thank you for letting us know.

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