How to know if deployed release container works?

I followed the instruction here and deployed the image/container successfully

but the instruction doesn’t tell you if the container works or not.

I tried to ssh in and run the container, but it fails to find it???
sorry, I’m a newbie. What did I do wrong?

I can run other sample images/container from

Hi swc,

You could run
docker images
and get the name of the image that you deployed to the board.

When you retrieve the name of the container you deployed, you can run this command to get a bash shell inside the container (a.k.a run the container):
docker run -it (image-name-here) /bin/bash


looks like I made a mistake. docker run uses IMAGE ID, not container id.
Looks like I have a long way to learn…


HI @swc

Perfect that you found the solution. Let us know if you have any questions.

Best regards,