How to install WinCE8 Image with Easy Installer from USB drive (running on iMX6 Module in Evalboard)

I’m using Colibri iMX6 Solo in an evaluation board. When I connect the board to internet I get the list of avaliable OS-Images for installing. This works fine.

Is it possible to install a WinCE image from USB-Stick using Easy Installer?


Yes, you can just download one of our standard images:

Wince8 - beta: Toradex Documents - Login

Wince8 - stable: Toradex Documents - iMX6 WinCE8 Image tezi

Or you can configure your own image, as described here:

Production Programming for iMX6 Modules | Toradex Developer Center

Just put the folder with the image in the root of the thumb drive and the easy installer should recognize it and allow you to install it.