How to install "portaudio19" & "libssl" of google assistant sdk (python) in colibri VF61 with Iris carrier board & linux?

I have colibri VF61 with iris carrier board with Angstrom linux. I want to deploy push to talk sample of google assistant sdk (python). For this i installed python, pip, google-assistant-sdk in my board according to the following link: google-assistant-sdk. I successfully configured google assistant API as well as generate credentials.

But the two dependencies “portaudio19” & “libssl” of google sample can’t be installed in board. When i am trying to install it shows me the following error: as shown in image

Can someone please provide a way to install these dependencies of google assistant sdk in this board or suggest any other way to deploy push to talk sample of google assistant in colibri vf61 with iris & linux configuration ?


Hi vishrut

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Could you provide the hardware and software version of your module?

Provide the error messages in text and not in images. Thanks


Hardware: The hardware details are as:

 Colibri VF61 256MB IT 

Software: Details of Linux OS installed in board are as:

   Distributer ID: Angstrom
   Description: Angstrom GNU/Linux v2016.12 (core edition)
   Release: v2016.12
   Codename: core edition


  **On installing portaudio19-dev**
  opkg_prepare_url_for_install:  Couldn't find anything to satisfy 'portaudio19-dev'

  **On installing libssl-dev**
  opkg_solver_install: Cannot install package libssl-dev.



Portaudio can be downloaded here and cross compiled for arm processors.
For libssl-dev, you can install opkg install libssl1.0.0.
best regards