How to install older versions of WEC 2013 with Toradex Easy Installer

Hi guys! I’m trying to install a older version of WEC 2013 but I’m having problems to do it with the USB.

So I started to find the Json of the old WEC versions

In TEZI there is the “feeds” menu that u can insert a list

Do you know what is the URL of the list that has the old WEC?

What exactly version you are looking for?

Version 1.3.1
or version 1.3

You can downloaded them from here -

Yes, I know. But i wanted to download directly from TEZI, because it is not working with the USB

it should work. Did you unpack downloaded zip file to USB drive or just copied it as is?

I unpacked

It sounds strange. Never had problem with using USB drive with Toradex Easy Installer. Could you try SD card instead?