How to initilaize the 3.5" LCD st7789s as SPI and interface with RGB565 parallel,

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I need to interface the 3.2" st7789s Lcd as RGB565 parallel and initialize with SPI, i configured the lcd data pins as per Board (SABRE-2|Automotive-Infotainment|i.MX6|NXP ) and i am using the 3-line 9bit serial I/F and i also attached the both data sheet of lcd and Schematic of board, i am struggling to initialize with SPI driver in linux imx6 3.10 version, can anyone please help me to come out this problem,

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Dear @nandishsg,
This forum is used for Toradex based product questions only. It looks like you are using the SABRE board for which we don’t provide support. Let me know if you have any Toradex related questions so we can look into them.