How to implement old eboot.imx on Colibri iMX6 with new Easy Installer

Dear Support Team,

We have our customized eboot and WEC7 image that work well on Colibri iMX6 V1.0A based on WEC7 BSP V1.1, but now we received new version Colibri iMX6 V1.1A with Easy Installer pre-installed, we still tried to implement our eboot and os image to the module but failed to boot, could you help advise how to use new Easy Installer to deploy old eboot.imx to Colibri iMX6 V1.1A?

We also tried to modify image.json as below, remove SPL part and replace eboot.spl with eboot.imx, but still can’t boot.

      "name": "mmcblk0boot0",	
      "content": {	
        "filesystem_type": "raw",	
        "rawfiles": [		
            "filename": "eboot.imx",	
            "dd_options": "seek=2"	

Thanks and Best Regards


In version 1.2 (the one supported by the easy installer) we changed our bootloader structure with a first stage loader (SPL) and the actual bootloader (eboot.spl).
To use the Easy installer you need to switch to release 1.2 of our BSP, this will allow you to use the SPL loader.
You may try to use eboot.spl from version 1.2 with 1.1 image, but this is a non-tested scenario.
Or you can flash the module using recovery mode, as you were doing in the past, having the Easy Installer on the device does not change the procedure, including the bmode command from u-boot that can be used to reboot in recovery mode without having to use the hardware procedure (shortening pads).