How to I add a precompiled library to torizon docker

I have a library that I would like my coworker to make use of. He is using VSCode with the toradex plugin. Can’t find where to add the library so that it turns up in his dev/deploy continer images.

Greetings @rhiev,

For VSCode there should be a configuration file in the project, .rsync-exclude-list. Files/folders listed in this file will not be copied and shipped with the end container image. So all you should need to do is copy your library/files to the main application folder. Then, as long as you don’t list them in the exclude list they should then be copied to the end container, in the same location where the application gets copied to.

Let me know if this doesn’t work for you. Also it would help to know what kind of project template you’re using in our extension.

Best Regards,