How to GUI, Qt, vivante, debian, imx6 all together

We want to have a fluid GUI using toradex products. (and Qt, and preferably debian)
We bought an imx6, and I was hoping to use debian, and hardware accelerated graphics together.
Is this possible?
According to this page, only imx8 is supported:

Why is imx6 not supported?
And how does the imx6 debian image produce graphical output if not using vivante drivers?

Apalis iMX6 Dual 1GB IT
Ixora Carrier Board V1.2A

Hi @jsaak !

I see that the article that you correctly referenced doesn’t make it clear as it could regarding GPU usage on iMX6 based modules. I will feedback internally.

TorizonCore for iMX6 based modules is based on mainline kernel (iMX7 and iMX6ULL also), so Etnaviv is used, instead of Vivante.

Using the torizon/weston container or torizon/qt5-wayland, you are actually using iMX6’s GPU through Etnaviv support.

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