How to get the easyinstaller programming process status from serial or ethernet, for iMX6ULL on Iris board

Colibri iMX6ULL board on Iris carrier
hi, we are programming our image to the iMX6ULL boards by using the Iris Carrier board, with USB stick containing the image files, with “autoinstall” set to true in the image.json.
We can see the programming process from the GUI interface. However, we would like to get the programming status from the CLI interface over serial or ethernet. Is there any CLI commands to check the programming process status for the easyinstaller?

Hi @weixiong10099,

Unfortunately, there is no way to check the progress with UART or Ethernet. You could use the script to warn you in some way (maybe a LED or a message through UART) after the install has been completed, but not the progress itself.

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hi Hiago, thank you for the quick response. So, is be called after the install has been completed? If I put an print message in the script, it will output it in the UART after the programming is done? is a regular Linux script . And, yes you can copy some string to UART file.

thank you… will try

yes, it works. I can reboot the board using reboot -f, which is what I want. thank you.

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