How to get rid of those processes?


i found one Module behaving different to others.
On startup there are some more processes than on others.

I marked the processes which i don’t have on other Modules.

Can you tell me something about those processes?
I also tried to update the Image but it still behaves the same.

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The processes are all related to ActiveSync (which you probably used to take the screenshot with the Remote Display tool). As soon as you unplug the USB client cable to your PC these processes will terminate and disappear.

The only exception is repllog.dll which is not only used for ActiveSync, but also triggered by a system event.

@andy.tx : Thank you. You are right. Which system event triggers the repllog.dll execution?
May it be some HW issue or do you think i can fix this with SW?

replllog.exe is registered in the system database DB_notify_events to be executed on 2 events:

  • AppRunAtRs232Detect()
  • AppRunAppAfterTimeChange()

The time gets set during boot from an RTC, and/or from a time server. The only way to avoid this completely is to build your own customized image.
It is safe to kill the repllog.exe process after booting is finished.

@andy.tx Thank you. Somehow the COM3 is disturbed and i can’t get my app working properly. Do you have some more tips?

Dear @Stephan.P
This sounds unrelated to the main question “How to get rid of those processes?”, right?
Can you please open a new question and addd some more details what disturbed means.
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